Be True to Yourself, And Stick With Who You Are.

Don't try to be someone else because it ain't going to be exactly as you expected.

There is a difference between getting inspiration from someone and copying someone.

We're always going to have idols or rol models that we're want to be like, but that doesn't mean we have to be the same or do the same Things as them.

Try to get your motivation from people you follow, but try to keep it simple do not try to be better than them, because remember it's Who they are, it's not who you are, try to attached this to yourself and make it your own by challenging yourself by creating Something new and you will be able to see some changes in your life.

Avoid the "i wish to be like him" or "he is better than me".

because you are literally telling yourself you can't and that's why, We never accomplish our goals.

By, Douglas Castellanos